Ph.D. Psychologist and Therapist

Psychologist and Therapist, Individual Therapy,  Bellevue, WA

Articles on Closeness, Communication,

and Various Parts of Being Human

These are some articles and essays that I have written on various subjects related to therapy and mental health. My intention is to offer some useful information, and also to give you a sense of how I think and of some things that I think are interesting and important in the human condition.;

Emotional Intimacy:  This is all about how to get closer to your loved one through vulnerable conversations, and how to listen so that your loved one feels understood and cared about.

Relationship Advice for Improving Closeness:  There are a bunch of ways to get closer to your loved one.  Here is how to get better at them.   

Communication for Couples:  How couples can talk to each other about hard subjects with respect and compassion.

Attachment Theory:  This is an amazing line of research exploring the ways that our early attachment experiences shape our experiences of love and closeness throughout our lives. 

A Definition of Empathy:  Empathy is one of the fundamental processes that bring us closeness and connection with others.  Here is a definition, and a discussion of how it all works. 

A Definition of Narcissist:  Narcissism is a fascinating and complicated concept, capturing something essential about the qualities that get in the way of human relationships. 

Masculinity and Vulnerability:   Men are typically socialized to be tough, not vulnerable.  Here is how that gets in the way of closeness, especailly with women. 

An Introduction to Mindfulness:  What is this whole mindfulness business, and why is everyone talking about it?

How to Practice Mindfulness:  Now that I know what it is, how do I do it?  Is there more than one way?

The Symptoms of Depression:  Feeling good or bad in the world is at the heart of being human.  Feeling unusually bad is a complicated process, physically and emotionally. 

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism: Here is what to look for if you are trying to understand a loved one's drinking problem (or your own).